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Scarlett’s comments about the shoot:

I like to experiment and try new things and not every guy is into all of the things im interested in. I recently discovered that i love love love anal sex. I used to be totally against it because it turns out i was just doing it wrong but once my partner and i figured it out it felt amazing and i sometimes enjoy it more than vaginal sex. It kinda sucks for me though because not a lot of guys are into that but i think thats because they havent tried it. One of my favorite things is to take guys anal virginity and they always thank me afterwards. I sometimes think of myself as as a sex mentor. I started porn becuase i knew i enjoyed sex i enjoyed being naked and i love being watched and videotaped. The camera loves me and i love the camera. Sadly i wasnt able to start porn till i turned nineteen because i was living with my parents and there is just no way they would ever allow that to happen. But recently we all moved to Florida I was alone with no one to have sex with so thats when i started to invest in sex toys. The first toy i bought was a pink dildo that was 8.89 inches then i moved on to a vibrator and now i cant stop buying them. anyways i did my best to get out of there because i hated living there with them. Finaly i got to leave but it sadly led to my stepdad being done with me as well. But it was all worth it because now im living my best life making money and doing what i love most which is getting fucked because i am a naughty girl.

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