Myra and Mila

Photographer’s comments about this shoot: So this was in the works for a while, and I insisted that if the two girls were going to meet for a girl-girl, they would need to make sure they have short fingernails — and you know why. It’s rare for me to shoot gg with a pair that has never met, usually they are real life friends/lovers, but they are a nice match […]


Myra and Sylvie

Photographer’s comments about this shoot: With Myra returning, two of our supercute teen FTV favorites get to come back and experience each other! Both with beautiful, pink pussies and sexy figures, we get to explore them together as they touch and taste each others’ privates. We first see them at a pretty resort, wearing cute summer dresses and heels, teasing each other, showing off their butts, and then kissing and […]


Myra Part IV

Myra’s comments about her shoot: I wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my experience so far (a bit chilly though!) and I’m excited to be with a girl sexually. It might be hard to believe but I’ve done so much tinder apps to meet other girls just to have sex with them but they all end up being fake bi. So its true I’ve never gone down on a girl or […]


Myra Part III

Myra’s comments about her shoot: Hi Guys! Its been two years and I’m back again! I really really really did miss Arizona and I really think its pretty here so I asked the photographer to take a lot of instagram photos of me here. Too bad my trip is short just for three days but maybe one day I’ll move to the west coast. I still live near my mom […]