Giselle Mari

Giselle Mari’s Comments About Her Time on FTV Girls : Hey, I’m Giselle, no that isn’t my real name but its my sister’s best friend name. Don’t ask why I’d take her name but I feel its fitting. I’m living on Long Island, NY, and studying my masters Criminal Justice. I’m starting the porn life to help pay for some of my education costs and also so I can finally […]


Kennedy Leigh and Claire

Kennedy Leigh’s Comments About Her Scene With Claire Thanks for having me back, and FTV was really my favorite shoot by far. Not just trying to kiss butt just mean it. I’ve experienced a lot since my videos with FTV and have a pretty popular fan following on twitter. After I had my first adult experience here I did some shooting in Florida, then I got to meet fans at […]


Chloe Amour

Chloe Amour’s Comments About Her Update I was born in San Antonio TX. My mom and dad are still married, and through my ex boyfriend they found out about my shoots for Playboy cyber fold. That was a few months ago, and not I’m taking the bigger step of going into real porn starting with FTV Girls. Then I’m visiting LA through an agent who is going to set me […]


Megan Salinas

Well i am a very fun and out going person i love to make people laugh alot because to me smiling is the best feeling in the world. I like to meet new people but not if your a creep ha i get along with everyone as long as you don’t judge me. I’ve always been a warm hearted girl i always try and help others before i help myself. […]


Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv’s Comments About Her Time With FTV Born and raised in beautiful southern California, I’ve enjoyed so many of the luxuries that come with living in such an amazing part of the US. I love being able to go out any night of the year just to have fun with a group of friends or family.It’s always great knowing that I can so easily go to the beach in […]


Kennedy Leigh

Kennedy Leigh’s Comments: I’ve always had a sort of passion for photography, hair and makeup. When I was younger I had my little Cannon point and shoot camera with me EVERYWHERE, taking pictures of everything. Then when I grew out of my gangly years, I realized that I loved taking pictures of myself. So I would always play with around with my hair and makeup when I had time and […]


Jasmine Rain

Jasmine Rain comments about her FTV Girls shoot: I’m Jasmine Rain(visit me at, and I’m starting my porn career (I hope) for a little while to make some extra money to pay off some debts, take care of my sister, and pay for my University classes in Economics. I was recommended by a friend who works in the adult world to start with this website and see how I’d […]


Lacy Channing

Lacy Channing Comments On Her Experience With FTV Girls: hi my name is Lacy, I’m eight teen yeas old and I love to surf, my favorite surf spot is in San Onofre and Huntington, I ride long board,and I used to be on my high school surf team.i did a lot of working out then and running up and down the sand, stretching, and swimming. I also love to play […]