Avery’s comments about her shoot: I come from a small town in Ohio (not going to tell u which one!) and I really havent travelled anywhere interesting in my life. I really wanted to get out there, and this kind of job seems super interesting to me and Im willing to take that plunge. Ive told my mom and dad about it and theyre accepting it (I was deciding on […]



Mandy’s comments about her shoot: I did this shoot because of a dare from my boyfriend. I’m not anyone who has tried the adult world not even webcamming or artistic nudes. I come from a small town in Missouri, and lived with my mom until recently when I turned eighteen and moved in with my boyfriend. We wanted to go to california because he is a musician and wanted to […]



Mabel’s comments about her shoot: I’m mostly doing this because I want to bring exposure to my webcam, a lot of my fans say that shooting with FTV will bring me more interested people because its the largest softcore site. I also wanted to do it because it has some nice photography. I just hate flying though its a real phobia and I was crying most of the way. Its […]


Devon Part II

Photographer’s comments about her shoot: No doubt, this girl would look hot at a gym, with her hair tied back showing off that pretty face, in yoga pants… doing those sexy flexible acts. And so she does, drawing guys’ attention, and even demonstrates her strength (she does pullups without support). As horny as she is, she ends up fingering and masturbating, and showing off that butt. Quite irresistable. She also […]


Flexible Teen

Devon’s comments about her shoot: I’m an independent girl, I don’t have a boyfriend, no credit card debt and going to college. I think life is a lot better when you have boy toys to satisfy you, and you’re not tied to anyone so you’re free to do what you want. When I have a sexual need I just call up my guy friend, and most of the time I’m […]



Lulu’s photos from her shoot:


Joey & Sami

Photographer’s comments about Joey & Sami’s shoot: The girls are real life twins; they’ve been doing webcam and stripping where they live in Florida for the past year. I met them at the airport, and decided to do an intro shoot at a light rail station nearby. However, before anything could get off the ground (besides a few photos) two officers showed up concerned that I was sex trafficking these […]



Cara’s comments about her shoot: Its a crazy story but I’m here doing this website because my boyfriend who likes to watch me masturbate wanted me to shoot for it. Sometimes when he’s out of town we face time and I masturbate for him but we have sex of course when we’re together. He’s had all kinds of fetishes and I see how he thinks this website would be fitting […]



Indica’s comments about her shoot: I come to this shoot knowing well that I will be seen by a lot of people. I like the thought of that, and I want to do a lot more porn while I still can when I’m pregnant. I’m due on September 14th, but that could change. I have a boyfriend and he is very comfortable with me entering the porn world, I still […]


Jayme Part II

Jayme’s comments about her shoot: Hello to all reading this, my name is Jayme Rae. My birthday is on May 25 ,2000 , so i just turned 19. I was born in santa rosa, california but i grew up in the foothills about an hour north of sacramento.The area i grew up in consists of a few small towns surrounded by trees and mountains. So I guess you could call […]