Natasha’s comments about her shoot: Hi guys, I’m petite five foot tall thanks to my mom who original was from Vietnam. My dad is part Irish and Cherokee Indian. I think that’s where I get my cheekbones. But my best asset is my butt which I got from my mom. Didn’t you know Vietnamese women have nice asses? I’m from Orlando, Florida, but that’s just recently. I actually lived most […]



Hailee’s comments about her shoot: Hi, My Name is Hailee I’m from LA and I Love everything that’s a little different, like myself. I’m passionate about makeup/ cosplay. I love getting creative and using myself and other people as my canvas. My next cosplay I hope to do is Zero suit Sammus from the New metroid dread game. And when it comes to dancing, I like to push my limits, […]



Ginger’s comments about her shoot: hey guys! i’m starting this stuff and the agent i picked up from la said this would be a good first start to warm me up for porn. i really had a lot of fun here and i guess its important that i get used to bigger dicks and learn to do things with my butt so all of this was training. i really liked […]



Lyssa’s comments about her shoot: Hi! My name is Lyssa Maxwell, I’m 25 years old, and I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in a mixed family with my relatives who were adamant about the church and Christianity. School wasn’t challenging for me academically, but I was more of an introvert than I am now. I wasn’t allowed to go outside very often so I read and watched cartoons […]


Octavia Part 2

Octavia’s comments about her shoot: So i’ve come back and I’m 25 years old now. I ended up having covid then strep throat and it was a terrible few months after February this year and I lost a lot of weight. I don’t think I lost much in my breasts though? I was working as a hostess at a casino but when I got sick I had to take time […]



Octavia’s comments about her shoot: hey, this is Octavia. I am a 24 california adventurer I have lived in a couple other state such as arizona and oregon but you just cant take the cali out of the girl, i always long for that california sun and the beautiful beach views. There is nothing like writing poetry or painting in the forests of california. i love the arts. Of all […]


Everly Returns

Everly’s comments about her shoot: Hey it’s Everly ! I’m so excited to be back !! I’ve been traveling and having the most fun with friends and family. So far Florida is still my favorite place to be but I’ve been wanting to go to Chicago. That’ll have to be next stop ! I have been waiting to play all of my favorite console games with my new kittens ! […]


Melody Part 6

Melody’s comments about her shoot: Dear FTV members, Greetings! You might remember me, or have forgotten me, or be meeting me for the first time. Either way, thank you for enjoying the show. If you do remember me, you may spot differences between the Melody back then and the Melody now. The Melody back in 2017 would be writing this for you after her shoot. However, here I am writing […]


April Part 4

April’s comments about her shoot: i really really wanted to model my brand new red lingerie and the photographer gave me some sexy heels to model with in them. they matched my lingerie with the lace and gemstones. it also compliments my pretty toes and the pedicure. i love the pictures on this set!!!! i always like how my tushy looks in tall heels. the heel fucking didnt feel like […]


April Part 3

April’s comments about her shoot: im happy to come back and i really wanted to visit that ftv mansion again! ive done many porn shoots since my first one with this website but i really did miss the quality of the pictures that dont seem to be the case on other companies. and i really love the new ones i got this time. the white dress the photographer bought for […]