Photographer’s comments about Emma’s shoot: This petite model is a kinky and sexual girl, with an affinity for large penetration, and she loves to masturbate! She undresses for us in bed, shows off her firm, cute form, then goes right to masturbating. She’s super flexible, so she has her legs up behind her head, butt up and ready to put that vibrator right on her clit. Notice her strong vaginal […]



Kenzie’s comments about her shoot: Hi, I’m here to write a little about myself. I’m already 21 (yeah, never thought I’d get there!) and live in Arizona. My family moved from Chile, but I’ve never actually been there. I speak Spanish, but not very fluent anymore. When I was younger I wasn’t a big fan of my figure because I wanted bigger breasts but working out and doing all sorts […]


Jocelyn II

Jocelyn’s comments about her shoot: I love having orgasms. The shoots were so much fun. I love dressing up in cute outfits and the naughty upskirts were fun in the first shoot. I got to see a cute puppy and pet it while being naughty at the same time so that was pretty fun. I’ve never really worn high heels before so wearing them, being sexy and having my photos […]



Jocelyn’s comments about her shoot: Hello! I flew out from Tennessee to shoot with ftv girls! My natural hair color is actually a strawberry blonde color. I have always wanted to pursue modeling/nude modeling cause I just knew it was something I could be good at. I was bullied and picked on a lot in school so I dropped out of highschool and just got my GED. Let’s just say […]



Alexandra’s comments about her shoot: Hello, I’m new to all of this but I’m also very interested in trying it because I think it would be fun to explore myself and the young look people say is very popular on porn websites. I don’t like looking really young and it gets frustrating sometimes but maybe I can take advantage of it in this carreer. I left home at 16, and […]



Jenni’s comments about her shoot: Hi people, I’m 18 and 3/4 years old, I live in Tennessee, a small town, a very small town. My job is at a pizza joint and I’m a cashier, pizza baker and everything else they need me to do. I live with my mom and stepdad but I really want to move out. Its not easy because you need money to move out and […]


Naomi II

Photographer’s comments about Naomi’s second day of shooting: Our supercute teen returns for a second day of shooting, starting right away in the bathtub, ready to shave her privates for us on camera. This ivory skinned beauty uses a razor to clean herself up, then spreads and gives us good views of her very cute privates. She gets horny as usual, and decides its time to masturbate; finger rubbing away […]



Photographer’s comments about Naomi’s shoot: She’s a gorgeous teen with a fun, open personality, not shy about expressing her sexual needs, or her sexy young figure! We first meet her at a sassy mall, seeing her in classy winter wear, and enjoy her teasing us her sexy form… dancing to live music, she definitely knows how to move that form, and turn us on further! Back home, she gets naked […]


Angelina Part 3

Angelina’s comments about her shoot: My first job was working at a local mini golf/ice cream shop. I worked on the mini golf side, which is actually pretty crazy, considering my boss was sexist and gay. It was not a good combination for me. See, I was the only girl working at the golf side at this point, what makes it crazy was that all the other girls worked in […]



Sutton’s comments about her shoot: I am terrible at writing about myself and especailly writing about who i am as a person. I am from a small town in New York. my dream as a kid was to be a model. for the last 2 years i have been traveling around the world, looking for my next adventure. I cant stay in one place for too long. My favortie place […]