Photographer’s comments about Chloe’s shoot: A lot of members have been asking if she could come and shoot, requesting that she do fisting videos, as she is potentially ‘extreme’. A sweet and personable girl in real life, she has a relaxed and calm personality with a desire to push her limits when it came to her FTV shoot. Of course, she is gorgeous, tattoo-free and tall/leggy looking like a Victoria’s […]



Ziva’s comments about her shoot: Hey there everyone! My name is Ziva Fey and I am 5’1 & 108lbs Arizona girl! I just graduated from Arizona State University with my degree in Nutrition. I am 27 years old; born October 9th, 93′ & I absolutely love modeling! I have a hedgehog and a AmStaff & an indoor garden. I love traveling & hiking. My favourite places have been Florida & […]



Elodie’s comments about her shoot: Hi there. My name is Elodie Lee, pronounced (EE loh DEE)! I really like flowers! My favorite flower is the American lotus, hence my name. One of my biggest hobbies is reading; I’m currently reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I enjoy a cup of tea every morning with breakfast, usually something herbal or a nice lemon and ginger. I love to travel, often times […]



Vanessa’s comments about her shoot: Hi! So I know I’m probably awkward on camera but I’ve never really done anything like this even though I’ve always wanted to. I was very excited to start and the reason why I started with this website was from recommendation from some people and the PICTURES of COURSE! The photographer is supposedly very brilliant and has some really good skills with a professional camera, […]



Madison’s comments about her shoot: My name is Madison Summers. I am a Midwestern, fun-loving girl. I love being around people and making others laugh and smile. I’m always up for an adventure going new places and trying new things. While I consider myself down to earth I am definitely a food snob and enjoy fine dining. Seafood is my favorite! I absolutely love animals. I have 2 cats, a […]



Celestina’s comments about her shoot: Hi, I’m Celestina, from San Francisco (or at least a nearby suburb of it) and I’m 22 years old. I’ve just started working in the industry and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I really do love fucking and its the best pleasure I know of. I masturbate on the daily with my wand if I’m not getting any sex and even sometimes still use […]



Sinclair’s comments about her shoot: Hi ! I’m Ava Sinclaire. I’m a 23 year old Ohio native. I’m 4’11 wear a size 6 shoe and have natural 32DDDs. I’ve been in the adult industry for about 3 months and I absolutely love it. My favorite part is all the cool new people I get to meet that I might not have if I wasn’t in this line of work. In […]



Olivia’s comments about her shoot: My name is Olivia. Some of my passions include volleyball, swimming, dirt bike riding, and thrifting! I find it most exciting when I venture out into new places! If I had to pick the top 3 things I value in life it would be humor, honesty, and communication. I love all animals but I can get terrified of geese and snakes. I love EDM and […]



Aubree’s comments about her shoot: A little bit about me, my name is aubree I was born on April 20th 1997 and I am 23 years young. I have 4 sisters one older and three younger and boy was it hectic growing up. I am originally from southern Utah but I moved to Las Vegas 4 years ago and I absolutely love living in Vegas this is always something to […]


April 2

April’s comments about her shoot: i am loving the white! i should get more tall heels but im just starting to learn how to walk in them properly. im mostly a sneaker girl. i also wasnt making much money working as a nanny for the last few years though i love working with children. im not sure how my porn work will affect that but i dont see why it […]