Photographer’s comments about Allie’s shoot: Wanting to start a career in porn, she found herself an adult talent agent…she’s got a unique mix to her, coming out with blue eyes and that curly hair; very petite and young-looking. It actually made me nervous shooting her in public places, I didn’t want to have people think I’m shooting and under-age girl. The pink dress and white panties were totally fitting her […]



Ashley’s comments about her shoot: I barely made it to Phoenix! When I told my parents that I’m going to LA to do modeling, they got suspicious and wanted to know more. I wouldn’t give them the details, but they started looking through my phone and saw what I was shooting for. They looked up ftvgirls and my dad got really upset and didn’t want to talk to me. They […]


Carmen & Cali

Carmen’s comments about their shoot together: U can thank me for making this happen, Me, Carmen! Sure I want to fuck my friend because I havent but u guys can enjoy it too because its on the website. I wanted to fuck the photographer too but he wouldn’t have it. Too bad for him. I’m really surprised Cali could take that big crystal dildo and beat me to it but […]


Audrey II

Photographer’s comments about Audrey’s return shoot: Back for more, this supercute 18 year old is going to challenge herself to some rather extreme play on this shoot! We meet her at another pretty park on a sunny day, as she wears cute yellow wedges and top (her favorite colors). We love that butt, and we get teasers all over the place, and watch her do acrobatics once again, but with […]



Audrey’s comments on her shoot: Hi, how are u? I’ve been a webcam model since I turned 18 but I wanted to do something more like real porno and so here I am. I liked how the photography is on the site and the girls seem to have fun so I picked this site for my first solo. I do want to do more with the company and others too, […]



Photographer’s comments about Skye’s shoot: Visiting from British Columbia, she’s done a lot of nude modeling there, but always complained that there aren’t enough jobs to go around, so she really wanted to come to the US, specifically LA, to do a bunch of shoots. Here’s a photo of her when she arrived at the airport #1. She’s a very cute blonde, upbeat personality, and very tourist-like — off camera […]


Angelina Part 5

Angelina’s comments about her shoot: I have fond memories of my last shoot and some of my favorite ones were my sporty scenes in the gym. I remember my favorite picture was the boxing ones and I have one of them on my cellphone and facebook. So I was excited to do more this time and he mentioned the track. I did some long jumps but I’m rusty and and […]


Angelina Part 4

Photographer’s comments about the shoot: Good to see this supercute teen back; she’s in just as good of a shape as she was last time. Notice those abs, especially in the introductory outfit. She was even more sexually aggressive than her last visit over — wanting to fuck more than shoot — but I also had to be weary of not getting that tight vagina worn out. And she is […]



Photographer’s comments about Vera’s shoot: She’s been wanting to shoot for FTV for a while, and it finally worked out; she is quite timid in front of the camera though, so the intro (first clip) is sort of awkward until she gets more comfy (especially after the first orgasm). She’s got a very cute and sexy look to her, especially with that miniskirt, and we get some nice looks on […]



Cali’s comments about her shoot: I’m a swimmer, a jogger, a lover, yeah all of that. Maybe I was playing hard to get when I said I didn’t want to shoot or get naked for the camera when I was with Carmen. But I also wanted to see how her shoot went before I tried. She’s always been the first to do anything wild or crazy. After I saw her […]