Natalie’s comments about her shoot: A BIGGGGGGGGGGGG HELLO to all the boys and girls! My name is Natalie. I am from Florida. Everyone always tells me I look like Natalie Portman. So my name fits. Plus I am not complaining. She is so pretty. I’m always up for an adventure. In the past week and a half, I drove cross country. Florida to Cali. Then Cali to Vegas. Then Vegas […]


Scarlett Part 2

Scarlett’s comments about the shoot: I like to experiment and try new things and not every guy is into all of the things im interested in. I recently discovered that i love love love anal sex. I used to be totally against it because it turns out i was just doing it wrong but once my partner and i figured it out it felt amazing and i sometimes enjoy it […]



Scarlett’s comments about her shoot: I was born in Fort Mill, SC. Ive finished highschool and im currently attending the University of South Carolina. I started masturbating in fifth grade when i was in my grandmas pool and i experienced my first orgasm sitting on one of the jets ever since i was hooked and i was finding anything i could to masturbate with because the feeling amazed me. I […]



Lily’s comments about her shoot: Hey Guys!!!!! If you don’t already know my name is Lily. I’m basically your good time girl ha! I have always been the wild child. My friends would say I am the life of the party. I was always really popular in school. Most likely cause I gave the best BJ’s haha. I never really was into anything like clubs or sports. That doesn’t mean […]


Blake Part 2

Blake’s comments about her shoot: Now that I have had a glimpse of the modeling world, my respect for all models has skyrocketed! Who knew this would be so challenging, yet so rewarding? I am excited for what is ahead and cannot wait to see where I am a year from now. The best part is being able to come home and see my little Terrier, Chloe, and taking her […]



Blake’s comments about her shoot: Hi, I’m Blake! I am 20 years old and currently studying to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, aspiring to become an attorney. As a child, I was very active in competitive dancing as well as soccer, pom, and volunteer organizations. Through dancing I was able to utilize my outgoing personality and high energy to channel my individuality. Starting in high school I became […]


Winter Bell

Winter’s photos from her shoot:



Kamryn’s comments about her shoot: Hello everyone. My name is Kamryn. I’m named after Cameron Diaz. I just love her. She is my all time favorite actress. I’m from the Mid-West, Pennsylvania. I hate cold weather however so now I spend most of my time in California. I have 2 cats. So technically I am a cat lady. I can’t wait to rescue another one. I treat them like as […]



Natalie’s comments about her shoot: Hello everyone, my name’s Natalie knight. I’m a 19 year old woman from the east coast with a family that consists of three, my mom, stepdad, and me! I grew up in a small town, In North Carolina, where I developed interests in many things like music, film, and everything that has to do with nature. Music and film are just a few things that […]



Kylie’s photos from her shoot: