Photos from Dylann’s Shoot:


Jayme Part 3

Jayme’s comments about her shoot: I’m excited to come back! I was supposed to do a girl girl with Gabbie but things have changed a bit between us. She a superstar now in the porn world and she didn’t really want to do a shoot with me anymore, or at least thats the impression I got. I think she’s doing a girl girl with Audrey? Anyway I’ve been out of […]


Desiree and Skylar

Photographer’s comments about their shoot: Desiree, who loves both guys and girls, but definitely as a thing for lesbian sex, has found a new lover, in Skylar. Also a teen, Skylar has always desired a girl, but it has been her first lesbian relationship. We first meet them at a park, where they show their affection for each other, kissing and touching, as well as introducing Skylar, as it is […]



Macy’s comments about her shoot: Hi Y’all, I’m Macy, and this was a fun day for me. I’m not just saying it because the photogramer is sitting next to me but because it was true. I cant wait till I see my pics too especially the jeans ones. About me: I’m born and raised in South Carolina in a small town where my parents divorced early and I really didn’t […]


Hazel Returns

Hazel’s comments about her shoot: I don’t have much to write but all I’m going to say is I came back for something specific and I got what I wanted 🙂 I had fun.



Photographer’s comments about her shoot: Super hot for sure, I told Dana to come with some sexy fashion as well as sporty (since she does yoga and jogging). She’s not shy about showing off her figure, and with that pride she parades around a tourist area in a sexy pink dress and heels. Super tall, she poses for the photographer, then gives us teasers as she shoots. Undressing by a […]


Ziva Fey

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Audrey Part 3

Audrey’s comments about her shoot: Hey again, I’m happy to be back and I just wanted to say that ftvgirls has become my favorite shoot and I’d come back as many times as they’d ask me to. The photographer is really cute too and is half the reason why I’m here again. I freely enjoy being sexual with people that I like and I don’t think its a shameful thing […]



Desiree’s comments about her shoot: sorry if i come across as shy on the videos i was watching them and i seem stiff but not used to being recorded like that. im horny and i like fucking and masturbating but it took me a while to get used to directions and what to do when i wasnt masturbating. i like my pictures and i asked to have a copy of […]


Ellie Part 2

Photographer’s comments about Ellie’s shoot: In supercute Ellie’s second part, she gives us a more ‘mature’ look, and tries to push her limits in several ways… Putting on a sexy pink bra/panties and heels, she talks dirty to us, fingering herself (notice how juicy wet she is) and then ends up peeing on the stairs… All wet inside, she wants to fist, and works hard at it until her whole […]