Serena’s comments about her shoot: My name is Serena and i’m 19 years old. I am currently in college majoring in Psychology and minoring in business. I am a straight A student and am very serious about my studies. One day I plan to own my own therapist practice with my own special twist. Something I am also passionate about is living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and working out […]



Tristan’s comments about her shoot: Hey guys, It’s Tristan Taylor! I’m 18 and just recently graduated high school. I’m from the South East so I love the sunny weather. I’m a September baby, which means I’m a Virgo!! When I was in high school I spent almost all of my time dancing and performing on stage! Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with nature and the world. My […]


Angel Part 3

Photographer’s comments about Angel’s shoot: ood to see her back again; she returned for some obvious reasons, and it looks like she had a lot of fun on these two days of shooting, though she definitely wore herself out by the end. She’s a very very sexual girl, and yeah, she does look older, but believe me she’s 18. I told her the bangs make her look more mature, but […]



Cecilia’s comments about her shoot: Hey there I am Cecilia Lion. Born in the Midwest, but raised in the southwest! Growing up I was surprisingly very quiet and shy. It wasn’t until Middle School I got out of my shell. I participated in cheerleading from 7th-10th grade. I love flying high in the air, its so much fun! I have a major sweet tooth and love pretty much all the […]


Lulu Chu Returns

Lulu’s comments about her shoot: Hi, name is Lulu Chu! I was born in Wuhan, China and was adopted shortly before I turned one. I’ve lived in Oklahoma ever since, but have never quite fit in there. As a kid, I didn’t mind living in a small town. I enjoyed the sense of community and being able to easily cultivate friendships. However, growing older made me realize just how small […]


Scarlett 3

Scarlett’s comments about her shoot: I really enjoy what Rob does and i think it is fascinating how unique his work is and how much he really appreciates the look of a women. I did all sorts of stuff with him and toys and i even made myself squirt for the first time. A week before i came here i was having sex with one of my lovers and he […]



Sawyer’s comments about her shoot: I was a cheerleader for seven years. I started in junior high and went to my junior year of high school. I did all school cheer and then did comp cheer. Which is what ended my cheerleading. My last comp of the season I fell and broke my back. I know it sounds crazy, it was from a two story drop. I was a flyer […]



Kiera’s comments about her shoot: Hey! My name is Keira Croft. I’m 25 years old and I’m a small town girl from Rhode Island. I moved to California 2 years ago to pursue my dream job of being a model. Before modeling, I had tried camming and stripping, but neither of them satisfied me. When I’m not working, I like to go for long hikes (25+ miles!), play video games, […]


Liz Part 2

Liz’s comments about her shoot: I did a lot of sexual things for the website today, things I didnt even know there was a fetish for! I wanted to start with something very light because it is so hot in AZ so I picked out an orange themed shoot. Just orange panties, orange butterflies, and pretty orange heels that the photographer graciously donated. I masturbated out there in this pretty […]



Liz’s comments about her shoot: Hi guys, I was asked to write about myself. Well I’m 18, live in northern California, and still live with my mom and dad. Yeah theyre still together and I’m close with them. So why am I doing this? Because I want to. No other reason than I like watching porn and I wanted to try and be a part of it. Im all about […]