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Mila’s comments about her shoot:

Thanks for having me back. It’s been my favorite website to work for and I really love the pictures afterwards. The photographer sends me a dropbox and lets me use them for anything I want. I promised to get my fingernails off so I can do that fisting scene he wanted and I brought a lot of winter themed dresses but we only used the long blue sweater dress. A lot of people around when we were filming in the morning and it was pretty daring work to me but fun. The big white wand is still my favorite vibrator and I have a cheaper version of it but this original one seems to work best for me. Doesn’t take long to cum with it on my clit and it makes me squirt for real. Something you might have seen implied in my shoot is that I currently don’t have a boyfriend, and this garnet birthstone necklace is my Valentines’ gift to myself. I’m more focused on taking care of my family, especially my younger brother who looks up to me.

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