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Mila’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I’m originally from El Salvador, but I also am half Native American. I moved from El Salvador when I was very young, like about 6 and we were in a mostly white neighborhood in Virginia. My father still lives in El Salvador, so I don’t see him much. For high school I was one of only five Hispanic students! I can speak Spanish of course, and once I graduated from high school I got my batchelors in finance. I think I was a good student, and graduated cum laude, making my way as a business manager or finance person for several different companies in my area. I’m traditional in my own way, I was raised conservatively but I do have my naughty side that started in my 20s! I also know how to take care of a man, he’s the provider and I’m there to satisfy him. Not ready for kids or family thought, not yet! I know, I look younger to have these kinds of jobs but I did! But when covid hit things got a little more difficult for me, so I tried onlyfans. It’s made me good money so far but I thought I’d start something even more lucrative and enter porn. I’m a sexual person and even if I’m looking innocent in my own way, I’m all about enjoying fucking men, and in some cases women 🙂

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