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Skyla’s comments about her shoot:

What’s poppin fellow fans it’s ya girl Skyla Sun! I know you’re all dying to know a little bit about me so here’s a little introduction to who I really am. I am 22 years old and was born and raised in Connecticut. I am Gemini Cancer Cusp. I was a National Honors Society graduate and student athlete. I sang in choir for over 10 years. I did triple jump, high jump, and relay races. I was also a cheerleader. I was lucky enough to get my nursing assistant license my senior year of high school. I loved school and tried majoring in Nursing but realized college just wasn’t for me at the time. I love taking care of people and started working as a certified nursing assistant. Fun fact…I still work as one while actively working in the industry! I also pole dance at a strip club. On my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, spending quality time with friends and family, taking pictures, traveling, outdoor activities, shopping, making TikToks, but overall taking care of myself and having fun. I am very fruitful of the little things in life. If you made it this far congrats and thank you! That’s just a little bit about me but be sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram you’ll learn more about me there! My socials are @Theskylasun Tata for now! XoXo-Skyla Sun

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