Natasha White

Natasha’s comments about her shoot: Hey guys its Natasha, thought maybe I’d tell you a little more about myself. Well I started masterbating when I was 15, it was fun figuring out which porn site I liked best and which catagories are my favorite. I started off on A LOT of lesbian porn and it really was satisfying for awhile…until I lost my virginity. The guy I lost it to […]



Lilly’s comments about her shoot: About my self I love to model, gogo dance and import model as the things I really enjoy doing in my life. I started model/import modeling in Dec 30, 2009 and I started gogo dancing a year after. The one thing I really enjoy is dancing that why I went for gogo dance ;D I can dance with being naked and that great, “Yeah”! lol…. […]



Mary’s Comments About Her Shoot: Thinking back to my very first kiss, I remember standing there there nervous as heck trying to figure out what to do with my body as someone else reached in to share a connection with me. I let go of a part of myself and experienced a feeling that I had never expreienced before and used emotions to guide my body. Closing my eyes and […]



Veronica’s Comments About Her Shoot: My name is veronica… I am 22 and from virginia. I am a webcam model on myfreecams and I am just now dipping my toes into solo/softcore porn. I have always been very sexually expressive but growing up in a small, conservative town it was definitely looked down on. I think sexuality is such a huge and important part of the human experience and I […]



Lacie’s Comments About Her Shoot: I was referred by a sort of distant friend of mine who is in adult, her name is Kennedy on the pornsites. For the longest time I knew about her dating the photographer for ftvgirls and she would always tell me that I should shoot for ftvgirls also. I wasn’t 18 just yet but I also wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it […]



Phoebe’s Comments About Her Shoot: Though I was fully expecting what happened today on the shoot I didn’t expect an essay was involved! Yes its true that I’m sort of quiet but its that I’ve learned not to supertalk when you don’t have anything constructive to say. I’ve done a little modeling in the past but nothing like this so I really had to think about it for a while. […]



Summer’s Comments About Her Shoot: Summer, here! Thanks for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed it! 😉 A little about me… I am in college right now! I attend a university and I have tons of school spirit! I’m a Biological Sciences major with Pre Med. My end goal is to be a pediatric surgeon. I’ve always been interested in math and science through out my high school career. […]



Amber’s Comments About Her Shoot: Hey Its Amber, Just thought i should tell you a little bit about myself before you watch my videos. I was born in Los Angeles CA. Grew up in a fairly small town near hollywood. My first sexual experience was with a girl. My dads best friends daughter. At about 12 years old. At first i was scared because i wasnt sure what was going […]


Whitney Westgate

Whitney’s Comments About Her Shoot: Hey, My Names Whitney! Im 19 years old and am from Middletown New Jersey. I would like to do Criminal physcology later on in life. I think its interesting how criminals minds work. You know that chinese guy on Law & order, that anolizes what goes threw criminals minds? Yeah i wan’t to do that. Anyways In my free time i love to go jet […]



Aurora’s Comments About Her Shoot: Over the summer this previous year, I had the opportunity to travel overseas to Morocco. Morocco is a northwest Afrian country, that is primarily Arabic-French. I went with my fiance at the time to go visit his family and friends and learn about the culture. When I arrived there the sun was beating down so close to the earth I felt like it was just […]