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Lilly’s comments about her shoot:

About my self I love to model, gogo dance and import model as the things I really enjoy doing in my life. I started model/import modeling in Dec 30, 2009 and I started gogo dancing a year after. The one thing I really enjoy is dancing that why I went for gogo dance ;D I can dance with being naked and that great, “Yeah”! lol….

What would I do if I had not model, gogo dance and import modeling…Hmmm I will say I would love to draw agin like I used to when I was a little girl at age 17. I stop drawing because I was to busy with school lol ;D I took hair school, Yes I also enjoy that too. I like to color hair and make people pretty. I grow up in L.A. move to a small town called Bloomington and I also went to Bloomington High School 2004-2007 after a few months later I move to a lovely city in Rancho Cucamonga, I love being here 😀 I have 3 dogs called Shadow, Bubbles and Zero my 3 lovely dogs. I love fast car 🙂 I love to play vidoe game like Halo to Halo 4 and I heard there a new coming out this year or the first month of next year? Hmmm? lol ;p

Every girl love to go shopping, I know I sure do :p lol I’m a silly, nice, funny and sweet girl 🙂 When I was a little girl I always wanted to model but never thought I could because I never thought I was pretty I have been called bad name that aways put me down every day they told me but once I was done with high school and move out of mom and dad house I started to forget what they say and everyone els I say to my self that I should go for it and let see how far I can go with modeling. I give it a try and I love it 😀 I’m glad I did have a chance to try it. If everyone ever told you that you cant do it for what ever they said, “Don’t” You and everyone shoult do what they love to do and what they are good at. Who care what theys said be you! 🙂 From the year I started modeling and now I meet a lot of nice model that I’m friend with. I’m glad I did 😀 Every year I model I learn more and more. I love fans for being there when I started or not or maybe later they did lol ;p

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