Angelina’s comments about her shoot: Hi! I’m Angelina and I love making new friends so I’m so happy to meet all of you! I love cosplay and living out fantasies. You’ll find me with all sorts of different hair styles, dressing up as my favorite characters, and making dreams come true. Recently I created something I call my version of a dragon queen. Complete with dragon wings that when you […]


Angelina Part 5

Angelina’s comments about her shoot: I have fond memories of my last shoot and some of my favorite ones were my sporty scenes in the gym. I remember my favorite picture was the boxing ones and I have one of them on my cellphone and facebook. So I was excited to do more this time and he mentioned the track. I did some long jumps but I’m rusty and and […]


Angelina Part 4

Photographer’s comments about the shoot: Good to see this supercute teen back; she’s in just as good of a shape as she was last time. Notice those abs, especially in the introductory outfit. She was even more sexually aggressive than her last visit over — wanting to fuck more than shoot — but I also had to be weary of not getting that tight vagina worn out. And she is […]



Angelina’s comments about her shoot: Hello! I had such a great time filming my footage for FTV Girls, I hope you enjoy it! With that being said, I love cheesecake. It’s my favorite food! I also enjoy pasta, and I eat pretty much whatever I want because I spend a lot of time working out. I just wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I wasn’t fit. Which is […]