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Angelina’s comments about her shoot:

I have fond memories of my last shoot and some of my favorite ones were my sporty scenes in the gym. I remember my favorite picture was the boxing ones and I have one of them on my cellphone and facebook. So I was excited to do more this time and he mentioned the track. I did some long jumps but I’m rusty and and fell as you can see, but you can still see how far I can jump. Then I got to play with the FTV cat! I love cats even more than dogs, and I like talking to them. They are so furry, loving and cute. The FTV cat is super friendly, and loves girls hehe. BTW, I can also play the piano just like I can play chess so we made a video out of it. I always wanted to do a stocking scene too and I danced in it. The photographer being the way he is didn’t want to fuck me right there and substitutes his dick with a dildo instead. Another big dildo! It made me a bit bloody again but I think that was the last of it. My pussy was ready to take on anything after that. Which I did with that big cucumber. I’m not sure what happened to my pussy then because all of a sudden I could go a lot deeper than I ever have like as if it broke through inside me. I didn’t bleed or anything then and it didn’t hurt either so I don’t know. Maybe I can take bigger dicks now because of what happened there. Oh, and I got to wear those pretty yellow shoes we bought the day before! I also liked the white outfit we shot in on my last day of three where we got some good modeling pictures. I just have to say this before I’m done writing today, I really want to come back and be the FTV assistant and work with Rob behind the scenes and you know, other stuff too.

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