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Photographer’s comments about Skye’s shoot:

Visiting from British Columbia, she’s done a lot of nude modeling there, but always complained that there aren’t enough jobs to go around, so she really wanted to come to the US, specifically LA, to do a bunch of shoots. Here’s a photo of her when she arrived at the airport #1. She’s a very cute blonde, upbeat personality, and very tourist-like — off camera she was constantly taking pictures of cactus and the fancy homes in the area. She definitely looks good in the clothes she brought with her, whether its the white summer dress, or the sexy short shorts, or that classy looking black dress and heels. She pulls off sexy very well. My only complaint was that she kept acting too ‘porn-like’ when the camera turned on, and making those smacking noises when she was aroused. I kept telling her just to be herself, but a switch would turn on where she would go into porn mode when I started recording. She’s got a rather cute and petite vagina, so smooth and flawless; also quite tight as you can see when she uses those dildos. Her dances were very sexy and sensual, and she had that nice flexibility for ‘up close’ penetration scenes like the banana shoot.

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