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Audrey’s comments on her shoot:

Hi, how are u? I’ve been a webcam model since I turned 18 but I wanted to do something more like real porno and so here I am. I liked how the photography is on the site and the girls seem to have fun so I picked this site for my first solo. I do want to do more with the company and others too, the money is very good compared to what I was doing before. I worked at Baskin Robbins, McDonalds, and a short work at a pizza place. The money is never that good in something like that but part of the reason why I am doing porn is to support my family. My mom is an addict and doesn’t do anything, my dad is in prison, and I am the only person who can really support my 13 yr old sister. I’m the one who takes her to school, and feeds her. So I’m doing everything I can to make sure she makes it in this world. I even have her in a private school because where I live all the public schools are terrible. Trust me I know! I am a sexual person, and I like fucking and masturbating and I can cum both ways. I don’t have anal sex but I enjoy it when there’s something in my butt when I’m fucking. I didn’t have any cute clothes or shoes that they want for the website but I think I made it work. I wish I had bigger breasts but I think my body is nice, and I have pretty green eyes. I had fun and I’d like to come back again if u guys will have me.

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