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Photographer’s comments about Audrey’s return shoot:

Back for more, this supercute 18 year old is going to challenge herself to some rather extreme play on this shoot! We meet her at another pretty park on a sunny day, as she wears cute yellow wedges and top (her favorite colors). We love that butt, and we get teasers all over the place, and watch her do acrobatics once again, but with panty-peek views! With her breasts out, massaging them, and showing off her flexibility in splits, she gets rather horny… Poolside she pee squirts a little, then is introduced to a long Japanese Eggplant. After giving it a blowjob, she takes that big purple veggie deep into her vagina and fucks herself hard with it! As a challenge she then tries pushing it into her butt, and gets more than half of it in her!! Incredible. In the bedroom, she talks dirty to us, and spreads her vagina, gaping wide and fingering herself. Slowly she works more fingers in, until she’s fist fucking herself! Deep fisting past the wrist, she enjoys the pressure deep inside, filling her up! She’s never done anything this extreme in her life, but she did enjoy it! As a final challenge, she tries the FTV Blue Titan Toy, and gets half of this big monster inside her, and fucks herself real hard with it too! Its like the size of her leg… She then gapes super wide, showing how stretched her vagina has become from the experience. This fun, supercute and now extreme teen is an ideal update for FTV 🙂

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