April Part 4

April’s comments about her shoot: i really really wanted to model my brand new red lingerie and the photographer gave me some sexy heels to model with in them. they matched my lingerie with the lace and gemstones. it also compliments my pretty toes and the pedicure. i love the pictures on this set!!!! i always like how my tushy looks in tall heels. the heel fucking didnt feel like […]


April Part 3

April’s comments about her shoot: im happy to come back and i really wanted to visit that ftv mansion again! ive done many porn shoots since my first one with this website but i really did miss the quality of the pictures that dont seem to be the case on other companies. and i really love the new ones i got this time. the white dress the photographer bought for […]


April 2

April’s comments about her shoot: i am loving the white! i should get more tall heels but im just starting to learn how to walk in them properly. im mostly a sneaker girl. i also wasnt making much money working as a nanny for the last few years though i love working with children. im not sure how my porn work will affect that but i dont see why it […]



April’s comments about her shoot: well what can i say but that im super happy that my friend set me up to do this. ive never modeled porn before but something in me always wanted to but didnt know how. everyone says you might get abducted or sex trafficed if you leave to do it etc but my friend had a great time and even got paid good $$ for […]