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April’s comments about her shoot:

well what can i say but that im super happy that my friend set me up to do this. ive never modeled porn before but something in me always wanted to but didnt know how. everyone says you might get abducted or sex trafficed if you leave to do it etc but my friend had a great time and even got paid good $$ for it. so i tried it and it was so much fun and i had the most amazing pics done of me too. i cant wait to see my photos on the site so i can download them and watch them too. he said its ok to use them on my instagram and stuff and it would be nice to have some of those non nude ones for my portfolio. it defintely boosts my self esteem since i came out of a rough boyfriend experience a few months ago and he always put me down like im too fat or unnatractive etc. its nice to be thought of as attractive and that he was wrong. well i turned 21 last month and i’m turning a corner and i’m happy it starts with this website. even the place i stayed at was beautiful and i was treated really well. i think it was mad fun when i modeled without panties a did it in a public place and the big white vibrator was amazing on my clit because it gave me a kind of orgasm i never felt before. its much better than my pink one i brought with me. i also like how the sunset pics turned out. i would love to come back and do it all again.

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