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April’s comments about her shoot:

i really really wanted to model my brand new red lingerie and the photographer gave me some sexy heels to model with in them. they matched my lingerie with the lace and gemstones. it also compliments my pretty toes and the pedicure. i love the pictures on this set!!!! i always like how my tushy looks in tall heels. the heel fucking didnt feel like much but the front part of the shoe rubbing against my clit felt good so it made me want to cum for real. for the whole time i wanted to go into the pool but it was colder than i thought it would be especially since the weather was like 95 outside. but the water in the hose was warm for some reason so when it went inside me it warmed me up believe it or not. crazy things i did today! but the best part was fucking, if you know what i mean 😛

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