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April’s comments about her shoot:

im happy to come back and i really wanted to visit that ftv mansion again! ive done many porn shoots since my first one with this website but i really did miss the quality of the pictures that dont seem to be the case on other companies. and i really love the new ones i got this time. the white dress the photographer bought for me specifically so i could use it here but i didnt get to keep it boo. ive started growing my pussy hair i feel its more womanly and some companies like it but i know some of you hate on it. its good to have change once in a while! im still taking good care of myself with a healthy diet and exercise, so my stomach is flat and my ass is firm. you can see my abs clearly! i also got to switch my heels to the white ones which are even hotter on my feet and theyre great for fucking in i know. but i didnt get to keep them either boo!

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