Shae Snow

Shae Snow’s comments about her shoot with FTV Girls: Hello! My name is Shae and i am 22 years old. I have been in the adult industry for a little over a month now am I am still excited to keep the journey alive and fun. I was born and raised in southern Minnesota and am more of a tough girl then you’d think. I grew up with 5 brothers […]


Megan Salinas

Well i am a very fun and out going person i love to make people laugh alot because to me smiling is the best feeling in the world. I like to meet new people but not if your a creep ha i get along with everyone as long as you don’t judge me. I’ve always been a warm hearted girl i always try and help others before i help myself. […]


Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv’s Comments About Her Time With FTV Born and raised in beautiful southern California, I’ve enjoyed so many of the luxuries that come with living in such an amazing part of the US. I love being able to go out any night of the year just to have fun with a group of friends or family.It’s always great knowing that I can so easily go to the beach in […]



Randi’s Comments Its been a lot of fun coming down to shoot in Arizona! I live in Panama City, Florida. I’ve been there pretty much all my life so traveling for modeling is something I’d like to do more often. The place is beautiful and I love the way the mountains are in Arizona. We don’t get much elevation in Panama City. I was a tomboy from the very beginning […]



Natalie’s Comments About Her Time on FTV: So I’m here at last! I’ve been webcamming since I was 19 and did a little bit of exotic dancing too. I’ve got the breasts for it 🙂 Lived in NY for so long I’ve grown tired of the bad weather 😛 People keep asking me if I would get into the adult business, well here I go for it. Its all about […]