Sophia III

Sophia’s comments about her shoot: hey guys, its sophia!! let me tell you how excited i was to come back a week later and finally get what i wanted after begging and pleading last shoot. i started off with masterbating, i some what knew the photographer who i secretly wanted would be imediately turned on. i mean who could resist a hot, soaking wet 18 year old pussy? i was […]


Sophia II

Sophia’s comments about this shoot: Did i mention i’m a mommy? No, not to a human being but to a minature yorkie that is literally my spitting image. Ares, my puppy, is one of the mouthiest doggos you’ll ever come across… if i turn my back on him, he cries. If i take a shower and i dont let him in with me… he cries. If i leave he cries, […]



Sophia’s comments about her shoot: How are you, my name is Sophia, I’m from Orlando,Fl and i am trying out my first porn. At 18 years old, most young adults are just graduating or going off to college… not i, though. I have different dreams in mind. For instance, pornography. I’ve always been pretty open with myself let alone my body. Where as most people find discomfort in showing themselves, […]