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Sophia’s comments about this shoot:

Did i mention i’m a mommy? No, not to a human being but to a minature yorkie that is literally my spitting image. Ares, my puppy, is one of the mouthiest doggos you’ll ever come across… if i turn my back on him, he cries. If i take a shower and i dont let him in with me… he cries. If i leave he cries, But it never matters to me because he cherishes my time even when i dont deserve a little fur baby sometimes… He’s the best. Usually people would say im a very blunt person… i would deffinately agree for the reasoning of i tell it like it is ( Ares and i have little desputes all the time… i call him a asshole, he retaliates my either biting me or growling me… it happens). What i think the best part about my bluntness is the fact that my friends or family will always here the realness in my sentences. If i say something i mean it, if i meant it i said it. Throughout the years only one friend has stay by me through all the real times…(THATS MY BESTFRIEND, THATS MY BESTFRIEND!). Were closer than most friends are, i mean c’monnn… i bought the women her first dildo… she named it after me for goodness sakes!!! now that is real love right there. If it wasn’t for my family and friends i wouldn’t have much to look forward to day by day, i’m sure alot of individuals would agree with me on that.

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