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Sophia’s comments about her shoot:

hey guys, its sophia!! let me tell you how excited i was to come back a week later and finally get what i wanted after begging and pleading last shoot. i started off with masterbating, i some what knew the photographer who i secretly wanted would be imediately turned on. i mean who could resist a hot, soaking wet 18 year old pussy? i was so horny, my pussy was drenching and after a few masterbation videos i couldn’t take it anymore… to my surprise he cornered me in the bed and started licking my pussy. i moaned and groaned and i had never cumed so hard in my life from my pussy being eating… at this point my pussy was throbbing… I NEEDED HIS DICK. i finally talked him into letting me suck his dick (i knew he couldnt resist after that of course). i took his dick all the way down my throat until i gagged because i was being a naughty girl and i knew what he wanted. when we started to fuck he orignally had me on my back and eventually my legs on his shoulders (this position always makes my pussy throb). it was so fucking good, but there were plenty of positions to try and sooo… why not all of them? at one point he had me bent over the desk and i swore my soul was taken out of me . we went from the desk to the couch where i road his dick back to front in every cowgirl style (he was about to cum) then finally to the bed we went… where he pounded my pussy until he came… and gave me the most juiciest creampie.

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