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Photographer’s comments about Luna’s shoot:

Luna is one of those ‘hippie’ type girls, but with a very open, friendly personality. Also full of positive energy, she had a good time showing off her ‘skills’ on this shoot day. She came from Oregon, which totally makes sense haha. I told her to bring athletic wear, and we started on the track, as a good introductory point. Witnessing her abilities in person is rather amazing, and she’s got that firm figure (and nice butt) that goes with that acrobatic talent. I have her dance to music to strip down naked, and let her show off her toned form, before masturbating. She prefers using fingers, and does it with the rub & dual stimulation of her vagina & butt. I couldn’t tell when she was at her orgasm though. Same went with the Vibraking (clip12) where she got close, but not to the orgasm I was hoping for. We also did a dressy scene, getting the outfit from a department store (dress, heels) and let her choose. Was shy about peeing at first, but I managed to have her do it for you pee fans. The Big Blue matches her dress, and it also was truly pushing her limits. Notice how her vagina grips onto it, whether at the beginning or really deep — she is definitely super tight. Her reactions to the stimulation was part arousal, and part pain it seems. Her long labia get a lot of attention, as she stretches and pulls them — and her first time doing anal toys comes next. The double-penetration gets her going, and it definitely looks hot on camera. The thick suction cup dildo ride is also sexy to watch, and she really pushes it down to take the whole length in.

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