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Photographer’s comments about Gracie’s shoot:

When she first turned 18, she did a test shoot with a contributing photographer (photo set 5) and really liked doing it — and so she was set up to do a full shoot with FTV. By then however, she had gotten some thigh tattoos (which we did the best to hide with dresses/stockings etc…). No matter though, we discovered that she’s incredibly kinky, and had done some rather extreme things for fun (like fisting, squirting, anal). So we knew she’d be a good extreme girl for FTV. She didn’t have any cute dresses, so we went shopping (outtake clip 12) with some selfie video, before heading out for an introductory shoot. She has a bubbly, energetic personality, and was really excited to shoot — back home we do a little dancing scene (with some instruction) and then her using her favorite glass toy to warm her vagina up. When she uses the Eroscillator, I didn’t know she could squirt, as she does mid-shoot, then has a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. With some extreme closeups of her privates, and labia stretching, she goes right to fisting, which she does rather easily (and without lube!) and from there to the FTV Pink Monster Toy. Somehow, she still enjoys fisting more… Then its her anal side, starting with fingers, then the glass toy, and finally a bunch of fingers (as much as five). Amazing gaping too, for you guys who like gapes (both butt and vaginal). She gets to use the Vibraking for the first time (which she really wanted to try, after seeing it used on the site) and ends up with multiple orgasmic contractions, and a rather heavy squirt flow (also seen on outtake clip13, with the second camera view). We also get a quickie on her cute, perky nipples. That last clip13 also has an extra video where her boyfriend tries to finger her her g-spot for a squirt, but it wasn’t too visible on camera.

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