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Carmen’s comments about their shoot together:

U can thank me for making this happen, Me, Carmen! Sure I want to fuck my friend because I havent but u guys can enjoy it too because its on the website. I wanted to fuck the photographer too but he wouldn’t have it. Too bad for him. I’m really surprised Cali could take that big crystal dildo and beat me to it but she is bigger than me. I think my pussy is a lot more sensitive than hers too and more horny. I liked it when she was sucking me off and licking my butt. I havent had anyone do that to me before. I thought we looked sexy together in the black clothes and I’m much happier that I had my bangs down this time. I think I look better with my hair like this and a little darker too. Did u like my dildo fucking with my mouth? I came up with a few ideas for the videos.

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