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Ashley’s comments about her shoot:

I barely made it to Phoenix! When I told my parents that I’m going to LA to do modeling, they got suspicious and wanted to know more. I wouldn’t give them the details, but they started looking through my phone and saw what I was shooting for. They looked up ftvgirls and my dad got really upset and didn’t want to talk to me. They tried taking my car but its mine even if its a $2k buick regal. I want to start with ftvgirls then do more porn in LA. I’ve always wanted to be a porn star and living in Tulsa OK, its really boring and I’m tired of it. I worked as a hostess in a restaurant and also a cashier at a grocery store. So when I turned 18 I started looking to see what I would want to shoot with first. I like watching porn and I masturbate while watching other girls masturbate or get fucked. I’ve also been in a lull with sex lately and hadn’t had it for 8 months now so I was ready to go. Even my vibrator was sort of broken so I couldn’t even use that. I loved the vibrators I tried very much and each one got better than the last one. Those dildos are really big though even if the photographer says they are small, because the guys I’ve had sex with are half the size of those things. Its like these big toys don’t fit inside me even when I struggle to push it in and they make me sore after a while. Are guys in porn really that big or its just wide angle to make them look big?

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