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Photographer’s comments about Allie’s shoot:

Wanting to start a career in porn, she found herself an adult talent agent…she’s got a unique mix to her, coming out with blue eyes and that curly hair; very petite and young-looking. It actually made me nervous shooting her in public places, I didn’t want to have people think I’m shooting and under-age girl. The pink dress and white panties were totally fitting her look though, added vibrance and color to the shoot, and her cute voice and personality really added to the intro. After teasers and fingering (her nipples pop out of that dress so easily) we move on to a dancing scene (she used to do ballet when she was younger, but she wanted to do a dance to some of her favorite music). She was horny and sexual no doubt, so I led her to use a magic wand vibrator to start. She almost has an orgasm, until the battery dies that is. Maybe that was a good thing, because it immediately leads to the Vibraking Toy which as you can see, brings her to several strong orgasms and multiple squirts along with it. We were both surprised by that, since she has rarely squirted in her life, and now she was gushing everywhere. As you can see, she comments genuinely about how awesome it was when I put the camera down and act like I’m not recording. Some very erotic closeups of her clit (I like these large clits that are very visible, which allow for some really nice views on video). Then she’s introduced to the Big Ten, which is the biggest thing she’s ever had, and as you can see, she struggles with pushing it in. She also hadn’t had sex in 3 weeks, so she was getting used to dicks again. She is incredibly tight down there, and only by using her body weight to squat down on it did she get deep. She wanted the Vibraking again, not surprising she squirts some more with more strong orgasms. I have her finger herself, as she’s very wet inside. Also some gaping.

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