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Photographer’s comments about the shoot:

Good to see this supercute teen back; she’s in just as good of a shape as she was last time. Notice those abs, especially in the introductory outfit. She was even more sexually aggressive than her last visit over — wanting to fuck more than shoot — but I also had to be weary of not getting that tight vagina worn out. And she is incredibly tight deep inside — either she wasn’t having much sex with her previous partner or he had a really small dick. The larger dildo scene did make her tear a little, and she had to cool down in the pool. She’s still a bit awkward on camera and had to be directed quite a bit down to what she would say on camera, until she would break the choreography and go on her sexual advances. It was hot to see her penetrate her very sexy, pretty butt, and see her have a few more orgasms as well as ride that dildo. This was just the first day, more to come on her part two. Clip2 got really noisy at the bridge, the winds got so strong (and it got really cloud and started raining later) so the audio was rather annoying. The weather was definitely not in our favor on day one; and it was exceptionally cold for that time of year.
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