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Photographer’s comments about Vera’s shoot:

She’s been wanting to shoot for FTV for a while, and it finally worked out; she is quite timid in front of the camera though, so the intro (first clip) is sort of awkward until she gets more comfy (especially after the first orgasm). She’s got a very cute and sexy look to her, especially with that miniskirt, and we get some nice looks on location. The sensual dance was surprisingly sexy, and looked rather erotic with the way she moved to the music. She’s also got really cute breasts, firm and round with perfect nipples. Her masturbating is quite unique, she used her own vibrator, and when she orgasms she’s all over the place. Strong and real for sure, but hard to film. The shoe heel fetish was something she suggested, and it was an excuse to get extreme closeups and warm her up to the thick dildo. She’s quite tight and tiny down there, and she struggled to get that big thick dildo halfway in. You can see how tightly that vagina grips the dildo.

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