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Mary’s Comments About Her Shoot:

Thinking back to my very first kiss, I remember standing there there nervous as heck trying to figure out what to do with my body as someone else reached in to share a connection with me. I let go of a part of myself and experienced a feeling that I had never expreienced before and used emotions to guide my body. Closing my eyes and clenching my hands as tight as possible i prepared myself for the mere experience that every child dreams about. Scared to breath and excited to feel the touch of someone else against the softness of my lips, I managed to maintain composure and act as if i had been kissing all my life. As soon as my lips met his, the fear melted awary and i felt a sense of safety without any sense of anxiety of whether i was doing it right. And just for a moment, when my eyes closed softly, i felt butterflies exploring the insides of my body. The flaws of myself drifted away and the visions of my past were blurred for a mere second. I often idolize my very first kiss and the innocence that made an experience feel extraordinary. The bliss and sole pleasure of a lifelong dream that controls your every thought and allows your fantasy to become a sense of reality.

However, the innocence that drives the pleasure of a persons life can only occur one time and becomes the everending excitement that drives an individual to strive to find a new innocence that can be taken away. In my life, i have loved to live life with excitement and use free will to guide my experiences. Often times this has led to my extreme downfall and caused imperfections on my judgements and changed the perspective on my real world scenarios. Due to my poor judgement and lack of understanding I have become a recycled victim of abuse from many people around me.I have learned to realize that running away from all the places and faces that have torn me to pieces will only strip me down and make me feel less about myself. The milestones in my life have brought me to discovering who i am and the person that i portray in my life showing me that life remains strong and pushes me to give life another try. By taking that deep breath and counting to three i have pushed myself to move forward and take a step back to think about what is best for myself. I dont regret my past experiences or the people that have robbed me of my innocence because i am a survior and the teacher of my own life.