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Veronica’s Comments About Her Shoot:

My name is veronica… I am 22 and from virginia. I am a webcam model on myfreecams and I am just now dipping my toes into solo/softcore porn. I have always been very sexually expressive but growing up in a small, conservative town it was definitely looked down on. I think sexuality is such a huge and important part of the human experience and I want to live my life idulging in it and expressing it. In high school I was very, very hyper sexual! so much so, That I would skip class to have sex in the bathrooms, hallways, theater rooms and empty class rooms with my long term bouyfriend at the time. so far, I think the peak of my sex life was in highschool. I loved sneeking around! As you get older sex becomes less taboo and kind of boring. We tend to play it safe in the bedroom and behind locked doors. I LOVED this shoot with FTV because it brought back some of those naughty memories of being 16 and pushed up against a bathrrom stall and praying someone doesnt walk in. Actually, We did get caught once!! That landed me a nice, long ten day suspension! Needless to say, I was not the best student ever, and was not exacty the studious type. I can not stand spending time behind a desk to be force fed information, only to mindlessly regurgitate it back onto a test or papper (or SA) 😉 I do love reading and learning but about things I am truly interested in. After high school I decided to take “time off” before going to college, though I truly was just not interested in going at all. I worked restaurant jobs for a while but was interested in something else. waitressing must be the suckiest job on the planet! I always make sure I tip my servers ridiculously and I suggest everyone so the same! ha…. god it was horrible. I was always interested in doing some kind of adult entertainment… I just wanted to celebrate the human body and all of the glorious things it can do… I wanted to explore myself even more. I discovered cam when I was talking to a friend of mine about taking poloe dancing lessons. She told me i would be a perfect webcam girl… my first question was “what the f is that?” She explained it to me and as soon as I got home I looked up “myfreecams” (the site she had told me about) I fell in love…. The idea of getting off with 1000+ people watching and making money??? sign me up!.. and so, I did. I filled out the application and never looked back.

I love having freedom in my life. For me, it is a necessity for my happiness. I have a passion for travel! even being in the airport gets me so excited! The beauty in camming is the fact that i can get up and go! I can bring my work with me. So, I guess everything works out the way it is supposed to. There are so many places in this world that i still need to see… my goal is to to pretty mush spend my life seeing as many different places as possible. I love trying new foods and learning about various different lifestyles and cultures. There are so many people in this world with different stories and if it were possible I would want to hear everyones story. I guess i am more of a listener than a talker.

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