Gina’s Comments About Her Shoot: Hey, a Floridian here moving from the east coast to the west coast to escape that crazy humidity! Also I’m ready to move on from the boyfriend I was seeing who was a club promoter and start a new life in california. I was doing online webcam stuff when I turned 18 and I think its time I tried out real porn. I love masturbating […]



Nicole’s Comments About Her Shoot: Hi! My name is Nicole and I am an 18 year old currently living in Chicago. I am a freshman in college studying Biology and Health Sciences. I haven’t decided what career I am going to choose yet, but I have thought a lot about becoming a hot girl dentist. I do well in school, earning A’s and B’s, but sometimes I get lazy and […]


Jody Returns

Jody’s comments about Returning to FTV Girls: So I’ve spent a few weeks in Los Angeles after I came to Arizona to do more porn and things. I really liked California and had some really good times there and made a lot of friends who are pornstars. I don’t know if I can call myself a pornstar right now but I did many shoots while I was there. I have […]



Anita’s Comments About Her Time on FTV Girls: Hello there, I’m a 19 year old Hungarian woman and some things I like to do in my free time is drawing, swimming, anything with the outdoors (grew up in the country,) photography, playing soccer, and I enjoy working out, traveling, I love going to the movies (I go to the movies more than watching actual television,) I enjoy hanging out with […]


Presley Dawson aka Jody

Presley Dawson’s Comments About Her Time on FTV Girls as Jody : I was born in Wisconsin, just my young mother and I alone as she struggled through school. My mother has become my motivation to succeed in life, because she taught me that you really can do anything and there is always an exception to the rule. She taught me never to settle and that you don’t need to […]