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Mila’s notes on her shoot:

As a trade, I got my uncle’s place in Tuscon as a place we could use to do the shoot. I had the early morning to myself and got some coffee and uber eats until the photographer came around 930am. I’m an early riser and since I’m from the east coast I was up at 7am to get ready. I layed out some of my favorite bra and panty sets and he picked one of them to start with. When I squirted on the bed, I made sure I put the comforter in the wash that night and put clean sheets back. We also went out to a department store and got some heels I thought would go with the dress we picked out for later. The pink dress is one of my favorites because how it forms tight around my body. It’s true though I don’t wear any bra or panties when I go out with it. I didn’t think it was that seethrough until I saw how the sun comes from behind highlighting some parts of my body. I thought that was very interesting and wanted to collect those photos he took of me at mediterannean looking resort hotel. I also enjoyed seeing the photos of my flexible poses at the arch. Now I’m excited to do my first camera experience with another woman and she’s very cute from what I see on the website. Myra looks like she has a very pretty complexion and we would make a good light and dark combination. I’m attracted to more light skinned men and women.

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