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Photographer’s comments about this shoot:

So this was in the works for a while, and I insisted that if the two girls were going to meet for a girl-girl, they would need to make sure they have short fingernails — and you know why. It’s rare for me to shoot gg with a pair that has never met, usually they are real life friends/lovers, but they are a nice match in the way of physicality and sexuality. My only gripe with these two shoot days was the partly cloudy days; at any second we would switch from sunlight to cloudy, which would mean the video would go from warm/bright to cold/dark/grey. So many times I would have to pause and readjust, especially on the next morning bedroom video.
We first see them at a fancy resort, wearing cute dresses and heels, making out and sucking on each others’ nipples. They look hot in their revealing outfits and they definitely love showing their panty-free upskirts! They end up on a couch (right at the resort!) as Mila seduces Myra, going down on her on the spot! Back home, they use the Magic Wand poolside, and Myra has an orgasm first (with very strong vaginal contractions) and Mila is next squirting all over! Indoors, Mila starts fingering Myra, going three, four and five fingers before deep fisting her! We get some good gaping as well… Then in cute pastel bra & panties, we enjoy their firm fit figures, as they dance to music together. Then they go for some anal play eating each others’ butts, fingering and using a glass toy on each other.

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