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Zoey’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I’m Zoey and I’m traveling from Philadelphia 🙂 I graduated a year early and studying to be a pharmacist. I’m well versed in biochemistry and health sciences is my major. Why do I want to do porn then? Because I’m always a sexual person and I’ve loved fucking since I lost my virginity over a year ago and I always wanted to see myself in nudes. Also Philly is a boring and dull place where industry failed and the city is falling apart. I wanted to see the West Coast and this is the perfect excuse for me to travel. I don’t live with my parents anymore but they were very conservative Christian folks and had me in a religious all-girls school. Getting out of high school allowed me to see more of what the world has to offer and boys of course. I never masturbated really, I think it was ingrained in me that it was taboo so I just didn’t do it when I was younger. So the vibrators and masturbating is all very new to me. The photographer asked me about why I didn’t get tattoos like most girls my age, well because it was also a big no-no with my parents. At this point I don’t see any reason in getting them.

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