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Scarlett’s comments about her shoot:

I was born in Fort Mill, SC. Ive finished highschool and im currently attending the University of South Carolina. I started masturbating in fifth grade when i was in my grandmas pool and i experienced my first orgasm sitting on one of the jets ever since i was hooked and i was finding anything i could to masturbate with because the feeling amazed me. I lost my virginity when i was fifteen years old at a party with a really good friend of mine whom i am currently sexually active with. When I was 16 I got myself into a lot of trouble and my dad walked out of my life and i havent spoken to him since. I knew i enjoyed sex after the first time i had it i was hooked. Although it did lead to some misfortunes in my life. Everyone in high school knew of me as a slut. Guys wanted to fuck me and girls found me as a threat to their relationship. A lot of people thought of me very poorly and i had a bad reputation. Some guys would hang out with me but not tell anyone because they were embarassed of what others would think. I had two guys take advantage of me. I was raped once in high school and once in my first semester of college. Some people wonder how i still enjoy sex after the trauma as what put through. But that really shows how much i enjoy it being able to love it even after going through what i did. People think the amount of men i have slept with is insane and disgusting but i dont think theres anything wrong with it its just deemed wrong by society which is messed up.

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