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Scarlett’s comments about her shoot:

I love love coming back and I would do it again! As many times as Rob wants me to. I love traveling to this state and people are so much nicer than in LA. Not being a hater or anything but it does really get me down being there! Going back to Wisconsin soon, and for me, Arizona is sort of a home away from home. And having good company helps! Rob got me some brand new clothes to shoot in, some which I think were very different from my style but I loved how I looked in them. I love all my pictures again and again in each set! So I’m really trying to get used to anal stuff so I train by wearing a butt plug all the time. It seems to be working because I was able to take some crazy big things even almost a whole fist it seems! My favorite part is always the public nudity though I cant explain it but I get a rush from it. Hope that’s not a bad thing! And fucking a good lover, yeah that is the best like the cherry on top 🙂

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