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Scarlett’s comments about her shoot:

I really enjoy what Rob does and i think it is fascinating how unique his work is and how much he really appreciates the look of a women. I did all sorts of stuff with him and toys and i even made myself squirt for the first time. A week before i came here i was having sex with one of my lovers and he made me squirt with his fingers and thats when i found out i could do that becuase for the longest time i have been trying to figure it out and i gave up because i just thought i was one of those girls that couldnt and now that i know i can its one of my favorite things to do which you will be seeing a lot of in my videos. I really enjoyed getting naked in public because of how wrong it is amd how descreet we had to be. I love the huge variety of toys he has and all of the different things i learned to do with them. I loved shooting with Rob so much that i decided to come back again in two weeks and this time im bringing a really good friend of mine becuase she thinks she would enjoy it as well. There wasnt one dull moment the entire weekend i was here even writing this essay because i enjoy talking about myself. Another thing i enjoyed so much was when Rob took me out shopping and out to eat i got two new outfits a pair of shoes and some really really good food.

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