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Sawyer’s comments about her shoot:

I was a cheerleader for seven years. I started in junior high and went to my junior year of high school. I did all school cheer and then did comp cheer. Which is what ended my cheerleading. My last comp of the season I fell and broke my back. I know it sounds crazy, it was from a two story drop. I was a flyer and my girls below me threw a little too far to the right for a helicopter which is bascially spinning the whole way down. The girl at the bottom tried to catch me and she broke my fall. I still broke from my seven vertebrae down and also her arm. I am a bartender as a day time job, i started off at a college bar but ended up switching to go work at my uncle’s bar. I got tired of the frat boys. Bartending is such a fun part of my life. Everyone of my people that walk in i know or have some sort of family history with them. I’m the biggest goofball you’ll ever met, so if you randomly see my dancing or making faces. Dont judge me. I had a pretty different life then most people, my dad was super young and looked even younger. All his friends were young so my house was a party house growing up. There were some fun times. My dad and his friends were boxers so naturally I was raised in a boxing gym. I went from sports at school to sports at home. Fun fact i suck at driving.. i’m really really bad at it but i have driven some fancy cars under pressure and it was okay. Other than that I’m calling an Uber. I also have a hidden talent of being able to get into any places no matter my age. My 15th bar i spent it in a rooftop bar in Destin Florida, so if you see my somewhere random chances are I convienced someone to let me in.

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