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Natalie’s comments about her shoot:

A BIGGGGGGGGGGGG HELLO to all the boys and girls! My name is Natalie. I am from Florida. Everyone always tells me I look like Natalie Portman. So my name fits. Plus I am not complaining. She is so pretty. I’m always up for an adventure. In the past week and a half, I drove cross country. Florida to Cali. Then Cali to Vegas. Then Vegas to Phoenix. Then Phoenix to Vegas. Last Vegas to LA. I drove it all by myself. Everyone said I was crazy. But I say NO FEAR!! I love animals. But I am 100% a dog person. Not a cat lady. I can’t wait til I get my own apartment. The first thing I am doing is rescuing a puppy to be my sidekick in life! I like to sing. But very rarely in front of people. I am a fan of country music. I also like to play video games. I love Grand Theft Auto! You better watch out!!! I’ll steal your ride. Lol Hope you all love my update. Xxxx oooo xxxx Natalie

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