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Bella’s comments about her shoot:

Hello Everyone. My name is Bella . I’m from the N.C. . I’m an only child. But not a spoiled one lol. Unless you want to spoil me lol. But 4 real, I am really quite shy. Kind of a loner. I like being by myself sometimes. I would rather stay home to read or watch Jeopardy then go out and get drunk at the clubs like other models. I surround myself with a small circle of close friends who are like minded. I am very shy. You would walk right by me and never even notice I’m there lol. Unless you wanted to fuck me lol. I’m bi-sexual. I dream of getting married and starting a family someday. I just have not decided if I am going to marry a boy or a girl yet. When I find the one…I will know it! In my free time I like to play board games. Do crossword puzzles and read sci-fi novels. I sang in choir in high school and worked on the yearbook staff. I also have been clog dancing since before I could walk lol. Not sure what is next for me. I’m just floating around the atmosphere while I’m still young. Thanks for reading my little bio! Xoxo