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Bella’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys, I hope to get a lot of fans out of my shoots with FTV, because I’m starting with this and then using the attention I get to promote myself and start more adult films. I have to say the shoot went a lot better than I expected, even though I have a friend who did it and said it was good. The photog made me very comfortable, and the modeling parts were done really well with the way we spontaneously show up all over town and he gets the pics done so clear and colorful. I’m tall, but I’m more of a tomboy and not a fashion model or anything. I also don’t wear heels much and got these shoes for the shoot. They hurt like hell walking in them for too long and I hope I didn’t look awkward walking around in them in the videos. Though I did bridal photos when I was 12-14 years old. You might think that’s really early to wear bridal dresses, but with makeup I pretty much looked the same as I do now. I don’t like wearing bras, and I like my breasts soft and squishy, and have always drawn attention from guys and dirty stares from women. Its no big deal to me and I wouldn’t even care if I got naked in front of random people. Maybe thats why I’m doing porn in the first place. My vibrator is good but wow that hair dryer vibrator is incredible! I’m going to look it up and see if I can get one for myself. Its true that I didn’t lose my virginity until 17, I know most of my friends lost it a lot earlier than me. I love fucking, and I love masturbating. I’ll do both in one day too. By the way if you’re wondering what my background is, I’m part Australian and part Spanish. Some people think I’m well traveled because I’ve been to Australia but I’ve only been to the US, Mexico and Australia. Never been to Europe or Hawaii. Hope to one day!

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