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Photographer’s comments about their shoot:

Desiree, who loves both guys and girls, but definitely as a thing for lesbian sex, has found a new lover, in Skylar. Also a teen, Skylar has always desired a girl, but it has been her first lesbian relationship. We first meet them at a park, where they show their affection for each other, kissing and touching, as well as introducing Skylar, as it is her first time doing anything adult. When they go home, they strip down and suck on each others’ breasts, then finger and rub each other… Skylar masturbates with a vibrator, as Desiree caresses her, and once she’s all warmed up, they go all out oral and fingers on each other. You get to watch from two different angles as these girls get intimate naturally, without any choreography or planning, simply enjoying each other and bringing themselves to orgasm with fingers and oral sex. But it does go extreme for Desiree, as she ends up getting fisted by Skylar hard and deep! Skylar also licks her butthole, as she loves Desiree’s butt. A lot of clitoral licking and hard fingering of g-spots, this is all about the teens exploring each other and enjoying themselves naturally, without any thought that this is even porn, just them being lovers together.

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