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Desiree’s comments about her shoot:

sorry if i come across as shy on the videos i was watching them and i seem stiff but not used to being recorded like that. im horny and i like fucking and masturbating but it took me a while to get used to directions and what to do when i wasnt masturbating. i like my pictures and i asked to have a copy of all of them ive never had professional pics done of me. i lost my virginity early at 15 and started masturbating at 13 and ive had sex with 7 different guys. i like sex to be not very long because i get tired but many times in a day. im currently living with my uncle because my mom is useless and i want to do porn also because i want to make some money and move out and become independent. i dont have a boyfriend and dont want to because i want to be free to do whatever i want without someone telling me. ive had more girlfriends than boyfriends and im bi and i think i like scissoring more than even dick but still love dick too. im talking to this cute blonde girl right now and it would be neat for us to do a video together.

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