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Macy’s comments about her shoot:

Hi Y’all, I’m Macy, and this was a fun day for me. I’m not just saying it because the photogramer is sitting next to me but because it was true. I cant wait till I see my pics too especially the jeans ones. About me: I’m born and raised in South Carolina in a small town where my parents divorced early and I really didn’t like my stepdad. I worked at a auto body shop where I met this really cool guy and we ended up dating and getting married. He’s a lot older than me but I’m not going to say his age. Just lets say a LOT older. I like that. He’s fun, a lot of energy, mature and treats me right. He’s also cool with me going to the west coast to do porno shoots as long as I’m safe about it. I have sex about once every two days with him and masturbate the rest of the time. I have this dolphin vibrator where part of it goes in your pussy and the other on your clit. That makes me orgasm the best. Sorry if I cant dance but I got a pole in my place so I can learn to pole dance. I would probably do a better dancing video if I had one to shoot with but no I’m not a stripper just wanted to try out pole dancing.

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