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Jayme’s comments about her shoot:

I’m excited to come back! I was supposed to do a girl girl with Gabbie but things have changed a bit between us. She a superstar now in the porn world and she didn’t really want to do a shoot with me anymore, or at least thats the impression I got. I think she’s doing a girl girl with Audrey? Anyway I’ve been out of porn for a few months now living back in Sacramento with my boyfriend. He has an electrician job and I’m working at a winery as a server. Money is good in porn but I wanted to get back to my normal life and focus on a carreer. I’ve entered dental assisting school but its not cheap! I’m paying almost $15k in tuition for it. My family also lives here and I wanted to be close to them. I decided to do this shoot because I really enjoyed the last time I was there and the photographer makes me feel sexy and the pictures turned out much better than I expected. I also like how I get paid to orgasm! I bought a whole bunch of new dresses and heels and we shot in some but I got really turned on and couldnt control myself when it came to wanting the guy behind the camera. I know thru Audrey he fucks really well and I wanted to try too. But you’ll say I have a boyfriend dont I? Well I made an exception this one time!

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