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Dakota’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, Let me introduce myself. Im five feet tall and 95 pounds, long dark hair and brown eyes. I like the same in a guy, that is brown eyes tall brunette and handsome. Im from a small town in the Northeast that I cant say where since my friends and family dont know what Im doing. I told them Im going on a trip with some of my girlfriends to california. Im going to california after this too to start my porn career wish me luck. I turned 18 like literally six days ago and always wanted to do porn since I was an early teen. My first intro to it was from a classmate on the schoolbus showing me and some other girls porn on her cell phone and it made me curious to see more of it when I got home. Thats when I started masturbating and figured out how to orgasm. I really love sex and as long as the guys dick isnt too big I enjoy it. I dont like it deep and Ive never done anything like anal fucking never had anything in my ass. I usually get sore after having sex more than two times a day but always want more. I sort of wish that my pussy could take more but its just the way I was built I guess. I like being petite and I think I’m cute even though when I was younger I was teased by the more popular kinds of girls the tall blue eyed blondes making me think that Im not cute. Now I know I am and I will prove it by becoming real popular in porn. I hope you like what you see and this is just the beginning for me.

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