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Skarlett’s comments about her shoot:

I’m Skarlett from the Midwest and I love having adventures! Whether it’s going to a live concert and dancing with a stranger or exploring the woods while getting a little kinky with my hiking partner, I’m always down for an exciting day. My small town upbringing didn’t prepare me for all the wild things I get up to now but I’ve let go of my inhibitions and I live my life trying to have no regrets and in the moment. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m your good time girl. In my free time you can find me sewing, painting. I’ve recently started cooking healthy and tasty foods. You should try my chicken paprikash, you’ll fall in love. In school, you could always find me in the library. I preferred books over a kindle, love the smell. Anyways, I hope you horny boys enjoy my sexy clips and pictures. If you need me, I’ll be somewhere having an epic adventure!

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