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Summer’s comments about her shoot:

A little more about me: I’m a California girl, lived there my whole life. My family is here and in Seattle too. I’m close to my mom and dad but theyre divorced. My mom knows what i’m doing but my dad doesnt yet. Even though my dad has a new girlfriend and does onlyfans with her! He watches porn so I have to tell him soon before he discovers it himself. I love to take care of my man, cook and clean for him and also be polyamorous. Believe it or not i used to be 150lbs when i was younger but a lot has changed since my early 20s. I’m more mature now and dont party like i used to. I have some kitty cats as pets and i love them. I think we should be nice to everyone and not judge them for their beliefs. Nice people are hard to come by nowadays but i stay positive. My dream since I was young is to become a porn star, i know i’m starting late but here i am!

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