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Summer’s comments about her shoot:

When i first met Rob at the airport we automatically hit it off and i felt so safe and secure. He made me feel so comfortable! This was my first shoot so it was very important for me to do good and obviously look good while doing it too. I did so much different sexual things that i have never done, or even thought of in my whole life. He really brought out the true freak in me lol. I started off by masturbating in front of Rob and the camera and came in record time! I know its beacuse like said i instantly felt a connection and felt comfortable. After I came I wanted to do it again and again and Rob let me do just that (: I used the magic wand and have never in my life felt a vibration that powerful on my clit. I came two more times in a row and fell in love with the magic wand! I think that turned Rob on because he finally came over and fucked me good and let me suck his big cock! My pussy has never gotten that wet, but he just has the perfect touch to get me going and most importantly keep me going. After he came in my mouth we went outside so i could pee in his pool and get a few shots of me doing that. I cleaned up after everything and so did he and we went to go eat some bomb pizza and the best ceaser salad i have ever had!! So far my wednesday felt like a dream come true. We finished dinner and went back to Robs place to shoot a few more scenes and pictures and like always, i had a blast with him! Once we cleaned up again i went to bed in the spare bedroom while Rob was sleeping in his bedroom but i was secretly hoping that he would come in and surpise fuck me while i was sleeping. He didnt, but that just got me more ready and horny for today, thursday. I woke up pretty early and watched the sunrise from his balcony and it was heavely. Definetly got me more in the mood to start this day!! I masturbated again on his couch in front of the camera with a glass dildo! one for my ass and one for my pussy, iv never been DP’d that good. Something about the glass softly sliding in and out was spectacluar. amazing 10/10 would recommend

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